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Testing Services

We believe that good testing is a driver for excellence throughout the entire software development life-cycle. Our core service is implementing complete and fully automated testing solutions to Enterprise applications. Our flexible solutions can be rapidly customized to meet the needs of any software solution. Our discovery tools allow us to digest legacy code quickly and effectively.

We can migrate from legacy solutions, optimizing and refining the tests with our 'top-down, bottom-up' approach to give high levels of code and requirement coverage.

DevOps Services

Its not just about having tests, its about how they are used. Verification alone is not enough, testing only becomes truly effective when it is providing constant and fast feedback.

We have in-depth knowledge in Continuous Delivery, including optimizing tool chains, configuration management and consolidated logging. These are all important aspects of effective Software Development systems and we are happy to offer these services in addition to testing services.

Agile Coaching

Tools and processes are not enough, in order for change to be effective the people on the teams must be bought up to speed and armed with the correct skills and attitude.

Testifi supports through seminars, workshops and coaching. Its not enough to make your tools and processes awesome, you have to make your people awesome too.