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    Today is all about agility: moving fast with rock-solid quality. The cost of setting up test automation is way too high, not just in pure cost, but also effort and time.

    We want to take the pain away. With Complete Automated System Test (CAST) we can drop a 12-18 month set up period down to weeks. We can systematically build up comprehensive coverage using intelligent crawlers and machine learning.

    All layers of the technology stack can be rigorously examined to ensure the highest possible quality and with further innovations in 'Data Visualisation' and 'Process Integration', our testing is not just faster... but better too. This makes you and your team faster, better and cheaper too!

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  • State of the Art' Agile Testing

    Modern development demands modern testing. Flexible and powerful, CAST integrates into any Agile stack via the Project Integration Tool (PITStop). Rapid deployment reduces the time to effectiveness and comprehensive automated testing opens the doors to Continuous Delivery. Earlier, often and comprehensive... the way automated testing should be. Multi-purpose tests address functional and non-functional requirements and a full stack analysis means even the smallest defects get detected.

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  • Artificial Intelligence meets Human Intelligence

    Automatic Test case generation, through machine learning and intelligent algorithms takes the mundane out of testing... let our tools do the work for you and move from a world of quantitative to qualitative testing.

  • Process Integration

    Turn your tests into living documentation and bind the requirements, to tests, to the code.

    All test assets become reusable blocks and flows that clearly articulate the requirements and function of each feature.

    With documentation and testing defined 'up-front' then 100% feature coverage is ensured.

  • Data Visualization

    Information is only useful if you can access it. With our innovative solutions then the complex information is displayed in an intuitive and accessible way.

    Information really can be beautiful.


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About Us

We're here to change the world... we're entering a brave new world of Artificial Intelligence and IoT and the pace of change is only increasing. This new world needs tools and processes that can match these challenges and we want you to be part of that new world.

  • CEO and Founder
    Daniel Burns
  • CTO and Founder
    Henning Luther